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Mission Statement

Cooinda is an aboriginal word meaning “happy place”.  
This is the cornerstone of our philosophy; we aim for our centre to be a happy place for all of our children, parents and staff members.
We will achieve this by striving to be the best in everything we do.

Our Children
Foremost we want our children to enjoy their experience at Cooinda by creating a pleasant environment that’s safe, fun, friendly, stimulating and encourages them to develop their full potential.   

Our Parents
By providing a superior facility and service, we give our parents peace of mind that their children are in the best care possible.  Parent involvement is encouraged; we view this as a partnership where by working together we create the best result for our children.

Our Staff
Our staff members are our business.  We aim to attract and retain the best carers and support personnel available through offering superior conditions, a positive friendly environment, competitive remuneration and encouraging self-development.


Our philosophy focuses on the value of play as the most effective learning strategy for young children, and staff plan and implement developmentally appropriate programs based on the value of play.  Play is essential to the healthy development of the young child.  It offers a stimulating and naturally motivating way of interacting with people and their environment.  Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of play experiences that interest and challenge them, with the focus on the value of the process rather than the end result.
Our objective is to provide the highest possible standards of education through a carefully planned program of appropriate play activities that foster learning and development across the cognitive, social, emotional and physical domains.

At Cooinda Early Learning Centre our philosophy is that social equity is paramount for all children regardless of race, gender, religion or special needs.  Our programs therefore recognise, appreciate and respect the individual needs, interests and cultural background of every child.  We encourage our children to respect and value differences in others and themselves.

Junior toddlers at play













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