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Four and Five-Year Old Program
Our qualifed kindergarten teacher and experienced staff plan and implement a challenging program to foster the development of each child based on their individual needs and interests. Activities include painting, drawing, collage, pasting, cutting, play-dough, clay, manipulative activities, dramatic play, puzzles, books, block play, computer, climbing, balancing, running, sensory experiences, science, movement and dance, and story/discussion time. The program also extends into topics of educational and social value such as road safety, healthy eating, emergency procedures, safety and protection, people in the community, etc.

Three-Year Old Program
This program caters to the changing needs of this age group with an emphasis on direct hands-on play experiences. The children enjoy a large range of messy play activities to assist them to express their ideas and feelings such as water and sand play, painting, play-dough, drawing, dramatic play, climbing, stories, music and dancing. Simple group time discussions and games are introduced in this group. The children grow from dependence to independence, which is encouraged at an age appropriate level.

Two-Year Old Program
This program focuses on simple concepts and developing skills such as learning to take turns, share and cooperate with others, and developing independence appropriate to this age group. The room encourages a wide range of open ended, hands on play experiences such as play-dough, painting and other messy activities to express feelings and frustrations, songs, stories, puppetry, movement to music, construction activities, dress ups and lots of outdoor play to run, jump and climb.

Toddler Program
The toddler program provides a wide range of stimulating, stage appropriate activities that are rotated regularly to meet the interest and concentration levels of this age group. Toddlers are encouraged to explore their world in a safe and secure environment. In this age group, the children enjoy activities such as singing, dancing, stories, puppetry, simple construction activities, cubby houses, tunnel play, climbing and bike riding.

Babies Program
The babies program focuses on the individual needs, routines, feeding and sleeping pattern of each baby. Carers communicate frequently with parents about the child’s development and routines. A variety of safe, yet stimulating sensory experiences will be provided to develop the babies understanding of themselves and the world around them. A separate nursery area is provided with cots. The babies also enjoy a separate closed shaded outdoor play area for their safety and protection.




















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